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17th OF MAY

Posted 18.05.05

The 17th of May, the Norwegian Constitution day…

Throughout the country the Norwegian people are parading and celebrating that Norway is an independent country.
Norway got independent 17th of May in 1814.

So we decided to celebrate and enjoy the day with our friends back home in Stavanger in Norway.

The crew around the breakfast table.
(From left: Martin Mentzoni, Kim Stokke, Petter Klemsdal and Frode Goa).

After the breakfast, we cruised to the new, not officially opened, concrete skatepark for a “17TH of May skate session”.

Mr.Mentzoni with a lipslide in his tuxedo.

Petter doing a kickflip.

Hjoar Falkeid with a crook in his boxer...

Kristian Tungesvik and Kim.

Frode with a bs smith stahl.

Kim busting a five-o.

Kim with a nice ollie.

Kristian with a uphill 180 bs nosegrind.

It has to be mentioned that there were some serious slams. But luckily no one got the tuxedos ruined.
It was a funny and unserious session.

Kim and Frode selebrating the 17TH of May.

After the session, we cruised downtown for ice cream, sausages, and a handful of beers.
This will now be a tradition.

All pictures by Frode Goa, ©. Except Frode Goa by Kim Stokke, ©.


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