Annual SHIT® 17.May Session

17.MAY09_the_crew -
The SHIT® 17.MAY SESSION crew of 2009 @ Stavanger Stadium.

17.May - An important and happy day in the Kingdom of Norway
Throughout the country the Norwegian people are parading and celebrating.
We are a very nationalistic folks, and we are proud of the flag and of our country.
Norway got its constitution 17th of May in 1814.
We do arrange our own annual skate session as our way of celebrating and as our joy of the celebration.

We do it our way. The only way...
When the Norwegian citizens celebrate Norway’s constitution day, we contribute and join as well. But we do it our way, skateboarding!
Our first SHIT 17.May Session was back in 2005.

Gustav with a nice Fs 180 Melon during the 2008 celebration. Notice the trollish mountains.

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SHIT® 17.May Session 2008

The jolly crew. Team and friends gathered for a good breakfast back in 2006...