Delivery and freight charges
Updated 14.May 2010

To make it as simple and comfortable as possible for our customers, we operate with ONE shipment fee.
Big or small order, light or heavy - same fee. 

This is devided into three destination groups. 
Within The Kingdom Of Norway; 95NOK

#2. EUROPE + International
Abroad The Kingdom Of Norway (Europe); € 40,-.

#3. USA + International
Over the seas (USA); $ 50,-.

We ship fast, secure and confident with:

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It takes about 5-7 days from order to delivery depending on how far away from Norway and SHIT ware house you live.
We guarantee to ship your order within 3 days.

For all orders it is taken for granted that the parcel(s), upon receipt, is picked up from your local Post Office.
Parcels not picked up within the period the Post Office allows (ca. 14 days), will automatically be charged a postage fee off 32Euro for parcels not picked up.

NOTE! You need permission from your parents if you are under 18 years of age.

Beware of local tax and import duty in your country.

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