We have been in the market for a while now, starting the business in 1996.
It has always been our intention to push skateboarding forward, build the market, inspire skaters and give back to the community.
Here is a roughly draft of what we do - on local and globally basis !

The SHIT® GO SKATEBOARDING DAY crew outside SHIT® FLAG STORE in Stavanger in Norway June 2008. (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008)

We build the market, motivate and inspire skaters in multiple ways:
1. SHIT® SK8 CAMP - Info
2006 - Story
2007 - Story
2. SBTC, Annual BRO Team Tour - Info 
SBTC Tour 2007 - Story  
STBC Tour 2006 - Story 
SBTC Tour 2005 - Story 
3. SHIT® SK8 PARK - Info
27.April 2007 - GRAND OPENING. Live band, team skaters etc.
First announcement - News
Secret skate session - News 
3.1 SHIT® SK8 PARK Events
Pics and story about the 2008 event
Pics and story about the 2007 event
4. Demo's and Tours
Lolly Pop Demo Tour - Story 
Micro Pop Up Demo Tour - Story 
Italian Mozzarella CHEESE Tour - Story
Greek Tzatziki Tour - Story
5. Team skaters
2007 Team - Link
2007 Team - Footy link
6. GSD® (Go Skateboarding Day)
A International annual event every 21.June by IASC.
SHIT® GSD® 2007
SHIT® GSD® 2008
SHIT® GSD® 2009  
7. 17.May Session, an Annual sk8 Session
17.May Session - 2005
17.May Session - 2006
17.May Session - 2007
17.May Session - 2008
8. LEARN TO SK8 DAY, random events
18.Oct 2008 is the first coming up!

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Pick up your board - get out there and have fun!