FAQ regarding SHIT®

Can I get sponsored?
Yes! If you can kick our BRO Team skaters ass you have a big chance!

How can I get sponsored?
1. Make a video of you skating. Edit it without music. 2. Put it on your YouTube account. 3. Send us the link. 4. When we see what you got, we will seriously consider.

What do I have to do to get sponsored?
You have to be good. Really, really good. Do point 2.

Can I get free stickers?
Yes! Everybody placing an order will get some free stickers. Otherwise you can order stickers here.

Can I get some free stash or a free skateboard?
No! Sorry for that. Order whatever you like here.

Can I have your complete skateboard for free?
No! Sorry for that. Order your favorite board here.

Can I have your T-shirt, car or phone?
No! Sorry for that. Order your favorite T-shirt here. And ask your parents for the other stuff.

Can I get a Team skaters autograph?
Yes! Order poster here and ask for a signature in the comment field and we will gladly arrange it.

If you still got a question do please contact us and we will serve you good!