SBTC (SHIT® BEST TRICK CONTEST) is an yearly event that we started up back in 2002. Combining a hell of a demo with our team skaters including GUEST STARS, just skateboarding, showing the rookies some tricks and having a jam-session best trick contest on a selected spot or obsticle voted by the local skaters.

The host, Martin Mentzoni with local skaters on their favorite local spot. (Pic: Martin Vadet)

• Social gathering and happening in the local environment/scene
• Free to attempt
• Recruiting skateboarders
• Motivation and engagement
• Attention and focus on the local skateboarding young-guns and local shops
• Increasing sales to the local skate shop
• Easy entering to contest and skateboarding events for kids
• Connection/belonging to the local shop
• Attention to local skaters
• Fabolous marketing value for local shops
• Some free SBTC stickers and hoodies for attendants
• Stash flow
• Famous/well known and profiled, good, forthcoming SHIT Team skaters and GUEST STARS on all events
• Cinematographer on all events documenting
• Photographers on all events documenting

Our SBTC logo is inspired by the world famous and great street skate spot "LOVE Park" in Philedelphia in US of A.

The general idea is to have a joyful happening for skateboarders in different cities, and gather skateboarders for a happy and good skate session in the local scene. SBTC connects local and national skaters as well as global skaters.
The event makes good vibes in the local, national and global scene. 

SBTC is one of our ways of "PUSHING SKATEBOARD FORWARD" !
We are directly giving back to the scene and backing up the "sport" and this fine community locally, nationally and globally!

By arranging SBTC we are recruiting new skaters, motivating and inspiring young skaters, and also making a local happening through out the nations. By arranging SBTC at local spots or skateparks nationwide in many countries, we reach you real skateboarders directly.

Our SHIT TEAM will be on the road and do the SBTC's. (Pic: Martin Vadet)

The SBTC have changed much and improved during the many years arranged. We started the first tour in 2002. 
Our team have a jam-session kind of demo, cruising the park or spot(s). This is our way of marketing our skaters and inspire the people showing up.
We invite GUEST STARS of local flavour skaters to join this session.
This is directly inspiration to the young and upcoming lads, and this connects the local heroes to the local beginners.
It makes sponsored skaters push eachother more than normally through a session like this. And this is also inspiring to all attendants.
You also get to know new skaters and get new skateboard pal's.

Jack Hudson won the SBTC in London on the 2007 Tour. Here together with Mentzoni recieving the first prize - a London deck and SBTC hoodie. (Pic: Martin Vadet)

Everybody can enter
Yes! BUT the SBTC is prioritized for you young blokes out there that are not sponsored. (...yet!)
You can enter if you've just started skating, skated one year, or skated a decade!
And it is for free!
All skaters entering will be named in reports/articles. (Check out the articles from earlier SBTC tours). 

Our filmer, Risi, with a broken camera. Now we shoot HD on our new camera. (Pic: Martin Vadet)

How it is arranged (The format)
We meet you local skaters at a well known place in your city, (at a spot, skate park or at a skate shop).
This is announced at our SBTC poster and flyers.
You local skaters (together with local shop or park) decide which spot or obstacle we will have the session at.

During a session for about 30minutes skaters pull of their best tricks.
And then the skater busting most spectacular stunt or trick is the winner.
If the skatepark or skatespot is small, or it is many participants - we do make a few heats, so nobody gets interrupted. 

Robin Asserson lucky winner in Bergen in the rain... (Pic: Martin Vadet)

We make an article including a participation list of all skaters entering with many pictures and launch it rapidly after every single arrangement.

Co-sponsors and media partners launch articles on their web pages too based on the material we deliver.
Stories and pictures can also be seen in different skate mags and sites afterwards.
Local and national news papers and TV make some editorial as well.
Make sure your local TV, newspaper or skate site get this covered!

Pictures and copyrights
All our pictures from SBTC launched on are free to use. All pictures shall be credited with COURTESY OF SHIT ® SKATEBOARD COMPANY, ©,

We're urging to do a SBTC in your city! Ask your local dealer or send us a request. Contact us

Read about SBTC TOUR 2008 here.

The force:
-IASC (International Association for Skateboard Companies)
-Local skate shops
-Local skate parks
-Local skaters, mums and dad's

Interested in marketing your brand/product through this fine event? Contact us