The 17th of May, the Norwegian Constitution day…

The happy crew. Martin Mentzoni, Kim Stokke, Fredrik Risvik, Fredrik Naerland and Frode Goa.

History: Throughout the country the Norwegian people are parading and celebrating.
Norway got it's constitution 17th of May in 1814.
We do arrange our own annual skate session as our joy of the celebration.

Unfortunately the weather goods seemed to ruin the jolly celebration.
It was raining cats and dogs.
But that did not stop us at all. 

We had a two hours intensive and funny skate session. We were satisfied and happy.
In the end a security guard also came and wanted to kick us out.
We did not bother and just packed our stuff and left as we were quite satisfied.

The security guard kicking us out.

This is the dry spot we found downtown Stavanger for the annual session at the Constitution day.

Some footy from this session will be launched on the upcoming FRIDAY FLICKS.

So stay tuned for a jolly flick.