The jolly crew. Team and friends gathered for a good breakfast...

Norway’s constitution day have indeed become our annual skate session celebrating day. And we have a lot of fun. Either it is raining cats and dogs, as last year, or if it is sunny and warm as this years celebration day.

We started with a late breakfast at the HQ also including fresh coffee to awake us. After an hour or two we cruised to our big outdoor moon landscape skatepark. It was empty and we had all the park for our selves.
We had many hours of skate session and had some photo shoots and filming sessions – It was hell lot of fun and there were busted a whole lot of tricks.

Afterwards we cruised downtown, buying icecream, hotdogs, soda end candy.
We were satisfied and happy.
It was a great day.

17.May history
Throughout the country the Norwegian people are parading and celebrating.
We are a very nationalistic folks, and we are proud of the flag and of our country.
Norway got its constitution 17th of May in 1814.
We do arrange our own annual skate session as our way of celebrating and as our joy of the celebration.

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A flick with a lot of sweet tricks will be launched beginning of next week.
So stay tuned for a jolly flick.
Have a great weekend, go out and have fun with your friends.

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