The SHIT® SK8 CAMP 2007 is unfortunately history, but it was a blast. Read more about Norways or maybe Scandinavias biggest event of it's kind here:
SHIT® SK8 CAMP 2007 - Contest results
-SHIT® SK8 CAMP 2007 - Saturday report 
SHIT® SK8 CAMP 2007 - Started   

This is a big and great skate camp in one of Norway’s biggest skate parks located 25min outside of Norway’s capitol Oslo.
Only for kids. 10years and ut to 18years ONLY.

Program 2007

FRIDAY, 16.Nov

17:00 Dors opens. Registration

19:00 Open skate sessions
20:00 Registration for Saturday and Sunday's contests

23:00 Movietime



08:30-10:30      Breakfast
12:00 Open skate sessions


14:00 Open skate session

15:00 Vert show/Demo

17:00 Street contest

Ca. 19:00 Street finals

20:00 Open skate sessions
23:00 Movietime


SUNDAY, 18.Nov

08:30-10:30 Breakfast

10:30-11:30 Open skate sessions

11:30 Bowl contest

13:30 Bowl finals

15:00 Results and prize giveaways

17:00 Closing time/All packs and head for home sweet home

*Program might have minor changes. Stay tuned.

We have PRO skate photographer and PRO skate cinematographer at present all day-all night during the camp. They will capture important moments and fresh tricks for others to admire.

Torunn Lian

Luis Pinzon (Sr)
Lasse Lea Risvik (Speaker)

Rudolf Svendsen (Photo)

Fredrik Risvik (Cinematografer)

Øystein Kvanneid (Photo)
Petter Austerheim

Marita Kaland

Borghild Jacobsen

Ola Grude

Monica Austerheim (Manager)

Starring the SHIT Team:  
Steffen Austerheim
(Norwegian Champion Jr Street)
Gustav Tonnesen (Norwegian Champs 2nd Sr Street)
Fredrik Naerland (Norwegian  Champion Longest Ollie)
Eirik Svensen (Norwegian Champion Game of skate)
Toggi aka Leiv T. Svindland

Martin Mentzoni (Host)

and Luis Pinzon

Our proud SHIT BRO Team skater Mentzoni is Hosting the camp. Here with a sweet pink indy bone over the hip.

The SHIT SKATE CAMP 2006 poster...

Pics from the SHIT SKATE CAMP 2006:
SHIT SKATE CAMP 2006 - Sunday
SHIT SKATE CAMP 2006 - Saturday
SHIT SKATE CAMP 2006 - Friday
Click here to read Martin Mentzoni's diary.

Results Street
Results Bowl