Wall of fame
Adil Dyani,
PRO Vert skater

Mr Adil Dyani and Frode Goa.

Adil Dyani is Norway’s definite most promoted and globally known PRO skater off all time.
As a PRO in US for the old school H-Street (Tony Magnusson) back in the 80's, to PRO for Plan-B, Evol, Reef Shoes, PTS, Bones ...etc. The list goes on and on.
He has been in the headlight in over a decade and have had a great progression. 
Winning the Am World Champs in Netherland in 91 is one of his greatest merits.
Also winning many big contests and beating Tony Hawk, Chris Miller, Danny Way, Christian Hosoi tells that he's got skills for sure.

Adil Dyani with a classic Bs Air. (Pic: Frode Goa) 

We enjoyed and appreciated his visit very much. ;)