17.May Session - FLICK

19.06.08 - Our crew of about 20 skaters had a nice skate session on our 17.May Session on a new amazing spot not too far away from HQ. Guest star Didrik Galasso was also joining and ripping. Tune in to see the FLICK containing nice bangers and sweet lines...

When the Norwegian citizens celebrate Norway’s constitution day, we contribute and join as well. But we do it our way, skateboarding!

This year we got guest star Didrik Galasso (13) on visit. Didrik is the Norwegian Jr Champion in ramp-skating.
He is a solid and creative ramp skater, and he rules the street as well as these tricks above confirms.

CHeck out the trollish scenery behind this amazing spot.

The selected spot this year was a new spot which actually is illegal to skate, but we did luckily not get interrupted or stopped by guards this year.

All skaters showing up skated quite well and a whole lot of tricks and lines were busted. 
In between, there were breaks with soda and just chilling on the benches and enjoying the sun and the good atmosphere.

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