Wall of fame
Tommy Loland,
Multi artist and designer

Tommy assisting our photographer during a secret session at Jaeren just outside Stavanger in Norway. (Pic: Frode Goa)

Tommy Loland is a classy multi artist with a lot going on all the time.
He loves Champagne and he is a party animal for sure.

He likes our clothes indeed, but thinks it is way to mellow generally... But some products and designs are just marvelous he says.
During his visit we managed to pull of lots of things, and this photo shoot as pictured above is a quite unique but secret. Stay tuned for updates!

Tommy have his own clothes collection and does multiple books and magazines. Such as the famous art mag TROLL and interior mag Nytt Rom.

Tommy will be around making some noise together with us in future for sure. We just can't wait! :D