SHIT® GSD® - Part I

23.06.08 - This year’s world greatest annual event became a super-duper event and we had the weather-god’s blessing. Despite a weather forecast of cloudy sky and rain – the sun shined through and dried the streets and made this year's GSD® perfect. Here's part I...

Outside SHIT® FLAG STORE, Stavanger, Saturday 21.June 2008 at 09:45... (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008)

The weather forecast was luckily wrong. They forecasted cloudy sky and rain with 11 degrees (Celsius). But the sun shined through and made all skaters their perfect day!

Rise and shine. Mentzoni a bit tired after late night rockin' and ready for hardcore rollin'... (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008) 

Upon our arrival at SHIT® FLAG STORE there were a bunch of exited skaters urging to get started on the GSD event.
The ten first showed up got each own SHIT® GSD® T-shirt and the crew we met had full control over who was the ten first. That’s what we call team spirit and team work! :D
The ten first achieved a nice limited edition SHIT® GSD® T-shirt as the below picture shows.

Mentzoni and a lucky kiddoe... (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008)

The shop was propped with skaters and some moms and dads. (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008)

This years GSD crew ready for skateboarding early morning... (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008)

After a quick speech outside the shop, Mentzoni and the crew hit the streets…

SHIT® GSD® Part II will be online soon.
-Stay tuned! 

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