SHIT® GSD® - Part II

24.06.08 - Here's the second part of our SHIT® GO SKATEBOARDING DAY event that went down 21.June in the streets of Stavanger in Norway. It was a blast! Tune in to see the nice shots by our friend Cato Aurtun...

Definetive the oldest guys joining the force. :P (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008)

First stop was a very famous spot in Stavanger. It is named "Firkanten" by skaters but formally it is named "Obstfelders plass" by the council.
This is Mentzoni definetive favourite spot.
First who met us was these old buddies sitting and chillin at the curb. Both old gentle men.

Lot of attention was gained from the people rushing by and taking a moment to look at the guys rippin the curb.

Steffen Sokaew pullin of a nice crook. (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008)

Little Jani with a nice Fs Smith grind. (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008)

Mentzoni with a Fakie 50-50 Fakie Fs 180 off. (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008) 

Happy Mentzoni ready for the next spot...

After a good curb session at Firkanten the crew hit the streets for the next spot…

Check out the SHIT® GSD® Part I here.   

SHIT® GSD® Part III will be online soon.
-Stay tuned! 

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