SHIT® GSD® - Part IV

26.06.08 - The fourth part of the great global event that shakes the whole world is online. Who run off with the prizes from the worn-out-deck contest? Tune in to check it out! (Plus hit links to Part I, II and III)

Back at the shop it was loaded with skaters, ...and some random tourists. (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008) 

Entering the SHIT® FLAG STORE at approx 14:00, Chris Backman was on the way of grilling about 100pcs supreme Idsoe sausages and had potato-salad and 100pcs apple-cider ready for the crew.
The shop was propped with skaters, and there were sold a dusin of new SHIT® decks on the super “2 for 1” deck deal. At the same time they achieved a stamp on the new
SHIT® DECK DEAL card. Meaning for every deck purchased you get a stamp, and when four stamps are on – the fifth deck is for free.

...lot's of people inside securing themselves a good offer. (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008) 

...tired skaters. Ready for some barbeque. (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008) 

Frode handing over the DECK DEAL card. Nico in the back gripping dusin of boards... (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008) 

Our well known worn-out-deck contest... (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008) 

People were eating sausages, potato-salad and drinking apple-cider. All on the house on this great skateboard event.
And exhausted skaters just lay down on the shops ramp walls…

After eating and chillin, Mentzoni arranged the worn-out-deck contest, and the three guys with the most worn out decks won a brand new SHIT® deck. This is a kind of cred to the few skaters who skate on their decks until nothing is left and they’re completely worn out.

Mentzoni congratulating one of the three lucky winners winning a brand new SHIT® deck. (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008) 

Mentzoni hyping up the kids to yell "GO SKATEBOARDING DAY". (Pic: Cato Aurtun, © 2008) 

After eating a whole lot of food, drinking, chillin and the contest – and before it was back on the streets, Mentzoni hyped up the kids to scream “GO SKATEBOARDING DAY” loud and clear all together. And when Mentzoni was satisfied he tossed out a bunch of SHIT® stickers for the kids happiness.

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The final part of this year's SHIT® GSD®, a nice SHIT® GSD® FLICK, will be online soon.
-Stay tuned! 

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