Flow skater Steffen Austerheim

05.08.08 - Our Flow Team kiddoe is a hell of a street skater and deliver quality skating. Here’s some footy from his latest trip, cruising the streets of Oslo…

BIG Fs Five-o for "little" Steffen Austerheim. (Pic: Frode Goa)

Steffen Austerheim have been our little kiddoe for a while now and it is about time we give him some "air-time"...
Last year he won the Norwegian Skateboard Championship Street Jr and have since then had a good progression in his skating. He has also grown a lot lately, and he's for sure getting there.
During his summer vacation he has been in US and also in Oslo, and here are some fresh footy from his last visit in Oslo...

Steffen will contribute big-time for the upcoming film project that we have ongoing. And stay tuned for more news about this crazy "little" schredder!

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