Wall of fame
Ken Stringfellow,
The Disciplines

Ken wearing our PAT Zipped Hoodie. He loved it. (Pic: Private)

Ken Stringfellow is the vocalist in The Disciplines and is touring Europe this summer. They're having a lot of concerts in Norway this summer as they are on a Norwegian record label.
We bounced into Ken during his stay in Norway and he was amazed over the big SHIT logo on one of our T5 vans.

Looking at our clothes he got very excited and wanted it all. He got his hands full and sent us this funny pic above.
His latest concert was at the Oslo Fashion Week in Norway.

The latest release by Ken Stringfellow is "the Sellout Cover Sessions Vol. 1 EP" released by Sellout! Records in Norway on April 7 this year.

Check out more of Ken Stringfellow and order his records here.

The Discilplines' Baard, Ken and Borre in tha house.

Ken Stringfellow with The Disciplines visited our shop in Stavanger, and as they had ever before visited our shop they got very thrilled and excited.
Gentle and shy as they all acted, them eventually secured themselves their hands full of our latest creations and commented especially the SHIT®/Pleasure products and the NuSHIT® deck series and T-shirts.

Leaving the shop with their hands full...

Later the same day The Disciplines had a kick ass show at our local favorite rock café Checkpoint Charlie, were we all had good times.

Check out the snapshots from The Disciplines' concert on our Facebook profile here.