Wall of fame
Haggis, The shame of Norway (Punks)

Head vocal, nationalist and maniac Ottar is a big brick of Haggis and a big fan of SHIT. (Pic: Haggis)

Ottar at Haggis entered us with fists and demanded free stash for their upcoming tour some years ago… 
After knowing them for years we just adore them. They are pure Vikings and proud of it.
They deliver spectacular and rough gigs and often bring in hot girls promoting the band. They even offer free CD and merch if you send in tit pics… And their site is full of it!!!

They have multiple albums.

Haggis claims to be the shame of Norway that has also been their branding. If you ever come over a Haggis concert you can’t dare to not show up. They’ll hunt you!

Check them out on Myspace: www.myspace.com/haggisofnorway