We are proud to present NuSHIT® that is designed by two of Stavanger’s (The worlds?) leading cutting edge companies and is the first in a series of special collector’s editions.

NUART and NUMUSIC together with SHIT® SKATEBOARD COMPANY collaborate and form this unique NuSHIT® product line. This is our first and destined to become most sought after collaboration products in the world.

Paal Ariel Hofstad’s complex illustration, that took him months to complete, is covering and priding a series of three decks. The decks come in three different sizes to suit a wide range of skateboarders. But purchasing a single deck is not so easy as they are delivered assorted singles, and purchasing the series you get all three.

The product line includes also two T-shirt designs in the same style, one in purple and one in pure white.

NuSHIT® products will be partly available during Nuart and Numusic and can be purchased and pre ordered at Tou Scene, SHIT FLAG STORE online at www.shittm.com.

A percentage of all sales will be going towards our new “reach out” project Deckedout.


Decks are made in a series of three (7,8x31,25, 7,9x31,5 and 8x32) in 100sets. (You can buy single ones random). Decks have much concave, big round nose and tail.

Decks are delivered in exclusive custom made NuSHIT® deck cardboard boxes.

Included in each deck box purchased:
-SHIT® Griptape (Perforated and with lazer cut logo)
-NuSHIT® logo spray stencil
-NuSHIT® sticker
-Numusic sticker
-Nuart sticker

T-shirt’s is each design made in 350pcs, has unisex fit and is available in XS to XXL.

Click these links to buy or read more about the product specified:
NuSHIT® Deck Series (Single deck). (Delivered random).
NuSHIT® Deck Series (The series of three).
NuSHIT® V1 T-shirt (Purple)
NuSHIT® V2 T-shirt (White)