30.06.08 - Some cool business skate pictures is on the cover of OPERA MAGAZINE these days. Also a couple of pages inside is covered with cool pics. Check it out...

Frode Goa cruising with the Ecological Bamboo Cruiserboard browsing the web... (Pic: Eirik Knudsen, © 2008)

A nice skateboard-business picture is priding the latest issue of OPERA MAGAZINE that is available these days.
The mag is published in multiple languages and given out in
Norway, Sweden, Poland, Check Republic, Japan, China, Korea, India and USA.

A nice spread-page. Frode out surfin with a L.E. SHIT short board... (Pic: Eirik Knudsen, © 2008)

Another full page. Frode cruising to work... (Pic: Eirik Knudsen, © 2008)


Grab a issue if you come over one and check it out.

Check out You'll also find these pics and more there. ;)

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