11.09.08 - Well, well, well! The so much sought after collection is in the house and is available online RIGHT NOW and will be available in shops partly Friday and Saturday. A bunch of new frisky and cool designs in a very limited number.

Jihaaaa! The new stuff is available right here right now! Go crazy!

The Girls Lazer, men's TB and Men's Plaid are shown on the picture above.
Worth to know on this collection and hopefully to the upcoming ones, is that we try to limit all our designs and make each item more unique by manufacture them in a smaller number than usual. This is in advance compared to the big brands. All items in this new line are strictly in a volume of ONLY 250pcs, split into a size break down from xxs up to xxl.
So you won’t see too many wearing exactly your favourite.

Concerning the new limited volumes it means that if you really want an item you should not hesitate or think about it for too long, cuz these hot items will be ripped out of stock even before you know it.

All our garments are human ecological and environmental friendly according to the Global standard Oeko Tex. So wear it proudly with confidence having in mind that you support a core skateboarding company that actually have great respect to mother earth.
Read more about our ecological contribution; the SHIT® REUSE PROGRAM.

Click below to check out all the new items:

We hope you like what you see!


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