13.10.08 - Martin Mentzoni stands out in multiple ways. He is a true rocker and skater. We gave him the opportunity to make a series of BRO decks – which he stands behind the whole concept. And could you guess that he insisted in a launch at HALLOWEEN?

Mentzoni himself. A proud zombie. (Pic: Frode Goa)

-Maybe not! But now ya know!
Halloween is ahead, and people all over the world prepare for the fest. So do we!
These HORROR BRO decks are designed by our BRO skater Martin Mentzoni. And in terms of the outcome, this is not the last contribution on deck graphics by him.

This was a secret project for a long time. It was secret exactly until the decks arrived warehouse and Fredrik Naerland and Gustav Tonnesen saw them...
They both got very excited about the graphics, and after skating them they got super stoked and very confident about the new shape that also was kept secret.

The decks have very much concave compared to all other decks we have. So this will be an interesting and different deck for you to skate.

The HORROR BRO Series are also available as completes with a special offer.

We will arrange a “costumes only” SHIT® HALLOWEEN skate session 31st October at Geoparken in Stavanger. Info will come later.

Here's the colorful SHIT HALLOWEEN crerw last year in the SHIT SK8 PARK.

This HORROR BRO Series launch is in four parts. This first is a presentation and story about. And the next three will be with HORROR FLICKS, each single with each individual BRO skater.
Martin Mentzoni, the creator of this HORROR BRO Series is out first. So stay tuned!

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