IASC President John Bernhards with SHIT® Founder Frode Goa.

SHIT® SKATEBOARD COMPANY is the only Scandinavian brand as member of IASC. We represent a Scandinavian flavour of skateboarding for sure.
John Bernhards (IASC President) presented the organization and their global missions to us in September 2005 during the ASR Trade show in San Diego.

John was pretty stoked about SHIT® SKATEBOARD COMPANY and wanted us on the team as a Premium member.
This is a huge step towards being taking seriously on the global scene. Becoming a member of such a big and respected organisation is almost too good to bee true.
Joining an International organisation which already hosts global impressive companies as Zero, VANS, Quiksilver, DC, Element, Nixon, Jessup, Volcom, Zoo York, Alien Workshop etc. is a true pleasure.
It is also very helpful to have a safety net as the organization IASC represent.

IASC’s mission is to represent the global skateboarding community as a united force by listening, understanding and addressing the needs of skateboarders and the skateboarding industry.

IASC, a non-profit organization formed in 1995, aims to increase global participation in skateboarding, reach out to skateboarding youth through educational programs and become the resource on the skateboarding industry.

This is IASC’s most known event globally.
IASC's focuses our marketing efforts around Go Skateboarding Day on June 21, every year, the IASC annual push to get everyone on a skateboard.

Go Skateboarding Day, an international event, began in 2004. Each year the holiday grows bigger and better than last. Skateboard parks, skateboard shops, cities and skateboarders plan events such as barbeques, fundraisers, contests, or simply took to the streets.

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IASC (International Association for Skateboard Companies) - www.skateboardiasc.org
GO SKATEBOARDING DAY - www.goskateboardingday.org