07.11.08 - This year’s SHIT® HALLOWEEN SK8 SESSION was a blast. About 50 disguised skaters, kiddoes and grownups and some moms and dads showed up and made the park close to overcrowded. 22 skaters joined the street contest. And the winner leaving with the cash prize was one of the best dressed skaters...

This years SHIT® HALLOWEEN SK8 SESSION Crew with Mentzoni in the front. (Pic: Felix Andrè Skulstad)

We arranged “SHIT® LEARN TO SK8 DAY” as warm up before the SHIT® HALLOWEEN SK8 SESSION event kicked off. And the park was filled up with skaters, mom's 'n' dad's in all kinds of costumes
from Tiger (Calvin and Hobbes), Gene Simmons “The Demon” from Kiss, ware wolfs, skeletons, Winnie-the-Pooh etc, etc.

The SHIT® HALLOWEEN SK8 SESSION BEST COSTUME prize went to Frode Øye that was a true copy of Gene Dimmons “The Demon” in Kiss. And he had a Guitar Hero guitar that he smashed upon receiving the MM HORROR deck as prize.

The street contest was won by Kristian that skated good street, and had a good costume. His score on these important criteria was the best. And on our SHIT® HALLOWEEN SK8 SESSION it is all about getting those well done disguises on, skating and having a good time.

Kristian securing first prize with a great costume and a Kickflip Rock to Fakie. (Pic: Felix Andrè Skulstad)

Here is the list of the disguised people joining the street contest:
Fredrik Haugvaldstad
Haakon Thue
Jens Kristian Hognestad
Sindre Thorsen
Frode Oye (Best costume)
Alexander Jonassen
Eirik Berggerat
Eirik Svensen
Lasse Risvik
Haavard Svensen
Fredrik Stangeland
Ulrik Andersen
Jani Pedersen
Mats Husberg
Eskil Salte
Rune Ellingsen
Vegard Jensen
Haakon Fulek
Kristian (Street winner)
Tor Gruder

Here are more shots:

Scary! Yeah! Who can this be... (Pic: Felix Andrè Skulstad)

Best costume winner Frode Oye with a MM BRO HORROR dekc prize in his hand and Kristian the cash street contest winner together with Mentzoni. (Pic: Felix Andrè Skulstad)

Frode Oye smashing the guitar on stage... (Pic: Felix Andrè Skulstad)




Thanks to everyone joining this event and a special thanks to the mom’s and dad’s that also joined and also were dressed up for this jolly event!
A special thanks to Toggi and his daddy, Torbjorn and Ariel running the kiosk and Steffen and Aasmund judging together with Mentzoni.

We are already planning and looking forward to next year’s event!  :D

Oh! By the way...! Below here is a UNCENSORED Blog-ish article by Mentzoni himself.
NOTE! !!!Adult language!!! !!!Not suited for young kids!!!

Text: Martin Mentzoni


Yepp, that’s how I’m gonna start this blog-ish article… With the Fantastic and Wonderfull World Famous and Most Used Word in History; Fuck. We should all bow down and respect this word, cause to me, this word is Satan and God in One form of Beauty. Speaking of Satan....

The Greatest Day of the year was just this Friday. Yes, Beasts & Ghouls...


I can’t believe the Boss wants me to write these blog things for him to use on the SHIT SKATEBOARD COMPANY web site. I’m Stoked though! Gives me the feeling of being important, and not just some useless piece of crack whore. Anyhow, Fuck all the things above and let’s get this shit rolling;

Woke up... doing something I rarely do in my miserable state of mind; smiling. It was fin-a-fucking-lly Halloween! I got up early (this for me is 11 in the morning, even though I have to get up even more suicidal early sometimes cause of work) and made myself a tasty breakfast. Eggs on the frying pan, summoning some Black Coffee and rockin Wednesday 13 on my stereo (well, my moms stereo. Cause I’m still a Loser living with my mom).

I packed my SHIT back pack with my Halloween costume and got dressed to depress, skated downhill and to the bus stop in the dead end of my hood.

It really sucks to see all my friends that used to live in the hood, either moved away, went on doing drugs or simply just became assholes I don’t want to see. Same goes for the girls, they just got muffed up, married and now their excited to get a dog.

I took the bus downtown, hustled some candy and coffee from my moms kiosk.

She kissed her bastard scum of a son goodbye. I was lucky enough to feel like a Rockstar, cause some Goth kids from a school wanted to film and do an interview with me about me as a musician. I talked about NIKU, Bikkjaa, Familiens Sorte Faar and my Satanic Solo-Project MENTZONI (all band links on my Myspace Top Friends List,  and then I did some skating for them on a shitty little curb. I diden’t grind or anything, just doing stupid blunt stalls while holding my orange Halloween pumpkin bucket with my packs of cigarettes and other useless crap.

Oh yeah, I recently got possessed by a Demon called Nicotin. Goddamn, these Dark Spirits make me Feel Blessed with a Dizzyness & “I-Don’t-Give-A-Fuck” attitude towards EVERYTHING. And I love it. It all happened while we were in the studio with our band NIKU, recording the bass tracks to our song “GO-GO Brains”. I was sitting there, with a cigarello (like a cigar, but the cigar is a Fat cock and the cigarello is like my dick; small) and a cup of coffee, just posing and puffing. The drummer and studio tech said “Try to inhale the smoke, would be funny to see you do it, since you don’t smoke and shit...” I tried a couple of times and then I did it. I felt the smoke go down into my lungs and then out of my mouth, like a dragon vomiting fire. Then a crazy head rush that made me feel like I was about to die. Damn, I liked that feeling. A little bit too much. So since then, I’ve been taking a smoke here and there, but I am a control freak. I will NOT start smoking, I will only do it in the weekends. NOT everyday. Cause I want to get that buzz, and you don’t get that if you smoke everyday. I feel like shit for smoking infront of the kids, cause some of them may start cause they see me doing it and some might think it’s cool. Still, I am me and I gotta do what I Want with my Life.

Took the bus to Home town of SHIT SKATEBOARD COMPANY aka Stavanger. Bought myself a coffee and went to the SHIT Flagstore. High fives to all the kids hanging around and the Crew. Met up with the Boss, he paid my bills, I signed some MM posters to kids who e-mail and ask for my signature on a poster etc. The Boss put me to some design work. It’s gonna be a suprise, so all you little curious brats gotta wait for it, hahaha. We got our asses moving, got some Halloween make-up, ate at the Drive-Thru at McMurder and some coffee to go. Drove to the SHIT SK8 Park and did 666 High fives to all the kids already ripping it up in full outfit (a F-You to Everyone who showed up without a Costume, HAVE SOME FUCKIN RESPECT and DRESS UP for HALLOWEEN, FUCKERS!). I had a “Learn To Sk8 Day” session with the kids in the corner, trying to learn them kickflip, shuv its and my favourite; powerslides!!! We had some kids getting real close landing and some of them landed their first kickflip on Halloween. We did this for an hour or so, then me and the Boss got in the SHIT Hearse and dressed up to Celebrate the Day of the Living Dead; Halloween! Hail Satan! And light up a Cigarette while your at it.

Tried to skate with all the kids and grown ups, dressed up as Devils and Ghouls, but It was a fucking Massacre!!! It was so many people skating at the same time, so I just told myself “Fuck it!”, went out, had a coffee & a Cigarette instead. The kids are so awesome, they would come out and talk to me. Tell me about what tricks they had landed and what they wanted to do and so on. I mean it... if it wasen’t for these kids, skateboarding and music, I would probably be doing drugs or be fucking Dead. That’s why I always show these kids my love and how much I dig them, high fives untill my hand fuckin bleeds! SKATE & SCREAM!!! We went in and got the kids signed up for the contest, with a 1000.Norwegian kroner as the Price. Also a “Best Costume” price, winning my Signature HORROR BRO-Model SHIT skateboard, that I drew myself! (I Also made Gustav and Fredrik’s SHIT HORROR BRO-Model board, check em out at the SHIT web site) I was the Host of HORROR, Steffen Austerheim and Aasmund were the judges. I told them to put the ones with Best Costume on top of the list and from there find out who skated the best and would win the contest. So in other words, This is MY World and OUR Day, the ones ripping it Deadly but NOT wearing a costume, you ghouls are on the bottom fo the list, my fiends. This is the Day of the Living Dead, Homage!

I am NOT the kind of ghoul who gives a damn about who landed what and bla bla bla, all I really want to mention is that Eirik Svensen fucking KILLED the handrail with style & skills, doing the most beautiful backside smith grinds, landed every try! And that’s the only skateboarding comment I’m gonna give, so go light up a cigarette and weep blood If You’re bummed out, cause I don’t Care, hahaha. (Evil Is Good, as Wednesday sing in the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 song). I’m not gonna make a long and boring building-up-to-the-point story about the contest, I’m just gonna chop of the withces Head and put the Curse out there for you to enjoy;

Frode Oye won the BEST COSTUME of SHIT HALLOWEEN SK8 PARTY, dressing up in his moms boots silver painted and make-up like Gene Simmons (5000 women! I still can’t Believe it!!!). He won my SHIT HORROR-BRO model signature skateboard. Well deserved, Frode!

Kristian won the whole SHIT HALLOWEEN SK8 PARTY contest, ripping the course with a stylish and Grotesque Costume, with chains and Satanic symbols and all the Evil things I love. He got in cash in his greasy hands. This kid is on EVERY SHIT event and always has a smile on his face, BIG props out to Kristian AND Frode! I think these two are best Fiends, so I dig them both and think their fucking awesome skater kids. SKATE & SCREAM!!!

I should get paid writing these things! I write em so well and so long, and admit your sins, Ghouls and Girls; YOU LOVE TO READ EM! So write Frode aka the Boss a mail and tell him to start paying me! And light a Cigarette for Satan while your at it.

After the Halloween event was officially over, I had a little photo session with the photographer outside in the freezing cold dark, with a cigarette and pose for miles. We had a kick ass skate sesh, me, the Boss and the Ghouls still lurkin on Halloween Night. Took some photos skating in our costumes and having a game of  S-A-T-A-N. We wrapped the Corpses up and put them in our body bags, jumped into our Black Hearse and drove of into the Darkness. I crashed at the Bosses place, where I have my own fuckin room and key. Yeah, that’s right! SHIT SKATEBOARD COMPANY treats their riders Gothic Good! I tore of my costume and sat naked infront of the DVD player, trying to make it work. ME and the Boss must have toured to much, cause the sight of my ugly skin on skeleton body sweating on his floor diden’t bother him at all, he just told me which plugs to pull out and bla bla bla. BAM! Rob Zombies “HALLOWEEN” movie was on and ready to bleed. Washed of the dirt and make-up, cup of coffee & some candy. I was Truly Happy and Satisfied. The Boss went all soft not even halfway into the HORROR movie, so I just showed him my favourite skater SLASH, his new part in the Fallen movie. I hate the soundtrack on the entire movie, ALL of them except Danzig and something that reminds me of Judas Priest on Chris Cole’s part. Slash is the Best, fuck whatever everyone else is saying, hahaha.

The Boss closed his coffin, I sent 666,13 text messages to girls that never replies and saw the rest of “HALLOWEEN” before I crawled into my Coffin downstairs in the cold room. As I zipped up my body bag, I threw my eyes on the coffee table and I saw two condoms and thought; “Are those mine from last time or am I lying in someones graveyard of dead babies right now?”

HORROR HAPPY HALLOWEEN and THANKS to EVERYONE with a Costume showing Up!!!

You’re All Fucking Crazy and I Love You, Ghouls & Devils! I’m gonna contiune celebrating Halloween like I always do, keep on Rocking the Devils Style 24/7 and untill I’m finally in my Coffin Six Feet down, chilling. Skate & Scream in the Name of Satan, Light a Cigarette for a Earlier Death and Remember;

Mentzoni himself with a Bs Blunt. (Pic: Felix Andrè Skulstad)

“Life is a Grave, Dig it.”
-Wednesday 13, my fucking Hero.

- Blood & Satanic Symbols by Martin Mentzoni, the Living Dead Rockstar Skateboarder.



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