05.11.08 - Our BRO Team skater Gustav Tonnesen really lives up to the standard and well above is the impression most people that see him live says. Skating creative and feather like. The newly crowned Norwegian Champion is starring in MOMENTS a nice sk8 video recently launched. See Gustav's part here...

Tonnesen busting this Fs Shuvit in Barca in his part in MOMENTS DVD.

Our good friend Martin Vadet, that is an excellent filmer, photographer and skater as well have been working a lot with our BRO Team skater Gustav Tonnesen for many years. Filming and taking pics.
Martin Vadet has also joined us many times, among HALLOWEEN last year.
He dedicated a full part for Gustav in his latest DVD named MOMENTS. And it is very good. Gustav is skating in many well known street spots among Barcelona from the picture above.
You better see this flick twice so you actually get what he is actually performing. Notice the Kickflip Melon and Fs Flip Melon at Besos in Barcelona. Sick!

See Gustav's part in MOMENTS DVD here:

The creature of MOMENTS, Martin Vadet, with his prestigious 8mm.

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