06.01.09 - Titus's Megalog is a thick German magazine that is known for most of European and especially German speaking countries. It is a genuine mix between a skateboarding magazine and skateboarding catalogue...

Page 1 and 2. Founder of SHIT, Frode Goa. Sw Heel on the tunnel ledge. (Portrait pic: Rune Hagerup, Action pic: Lars Gartaa), Titus shops (over 50pcs of them all over Germany!!!) and Titus Megalog is a major European company distributing/selling the hottest and coolest stash available on the planet mainly in Europe. And off course they do carry SHIT. :)
The founder, Titus Dittmann, is a living legend. The business (Titus company) is based in Munster in Germany.

We were lucky to get two spreads and one single page in their original Megalog, which is a mix of magazine and catalog. Meaning it is propped with cool products as well as a lot of articles and editorial stuff, like this one of SHIT.

They are these days celebrating 30years (!!!) and have a lot of exiting "Titus 30years" products on their site.
Titus is also a brand with skateboards, shoes, clothes and more in their product portfolio.

It is Titus who have the famous Game of S.K.A.T.E winner Alex Misurov under their umbrella. Alex won the finals in USA and battled Chris Cole in the final!!!!

Page 3 and 4. (Action pic: Frode Goa)

The last page. From Top Right: Gustav Tonnesen, Bs Smith (Pic: Frode Goa), Frode Goa, Wallie-ollie gap (Pic: Gustav Tonnesen) and Fredrik Naerland, BIG Bs 50/50 (Pic: Frode Goa).

Check out Titus's site and check out the amazing history and pictures!


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