What’s hiding in those jewelry boxes? The rare SHIT® JEWELRY logo is a fusion of the SHIT Talking Bubble logo and a stylized diamond.

The skateboard has done its job, been worn out and have snapped in pieces and can’t be used, and are reborn in a new unique shape and product.
The jewelry is applied with real silver implementations (925) and real brilliant cut diamonds (0,04), and has necklace of real leather or adjustable silver chain (925).

This concept came up in beginning of 2008 after we have had our thoughts for ages about what to do with our (as well as our customers) used broken skateboards, we did finally come up with an idea about making jewelry of those boards. And today, one year after the idea was put on paper we have made a petite limited series of jewelry available for you.  

Our handpicked favorite Norwegian jewelry handcrafter LESS adopted and got addicted to the project the second it was presented to her. And we have designed a complete collection of various products that are now unpacked.

LESS runs a jewelry-workshop by the name SMYK together with two other jewelry-designer girlfriends in Stavanger in Norway. (Yes! SHIT CITY).
LESS do designs and handcrafting with real love and passion all through her fingertips.

The jewelry designer and jewelry handcrafter Lena Skaar Stoerseth aka LESS.

The designer and skateboarder Frode Goa. (Pic: Oystein Ellingsen) 

Some products made of real used skateboards and skateboard parts:
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-Handcrafted in Norway
-Made of worn out skateboards and skateboard parts
-Part of the SHIT® RESUSE PROGRAM (Read more here)
The jewelry inside those boxes are already in silence exposed in our shops in Torggt 25 in Oslo and Ovre Holmegt 25 in Stavanger. So grab your jacket and run down to see it yourself!  

The complete SHIT® JEWELRY Spring 2009 collection will be available online here in a few days! Stay tuned!