14.07.09 - Ellingsen is a skateboarding globe trotter. He is a pirate that have shred and plundered the most known and unknown corners of the world. He now steps onboard our ship seeking new adventures. We are happy to welcome Ellingsen.

Ellingsen enjoying the hot summer days at the beach with a well known bathing suit.

Ellingsen works hard, (TV), travels often and travels light, skates hard at day and party even harder at night! If you are lucky to meet this fellow, be prepared for some odd action and a time you never forget. 
Ellingsen have been following the brand from the sideline since day one. And he is super stoked to step up and be on the team spreading the good vibes and "taking over the world".

Ellingsen lives in Oslo and are often to see in the SHIT FLAG STORE downtown. And he has been very productive this season. Filming a lot and shooting a lot. Ellingsen is a unique spot/location finder and got heeps of unskated and unexposed spots.

You'll see Ellingsen rolling every skate related event in Norway wearing SHIT and skating on his favorite deck; The SHIT MARIUS SERIES deck in size 7,6. (See the bottom pic).

Ellingsen with a Step Off wallie in a pipe in Boston, USA. (Pic: Shaun Hernandez)

Ellingsen with a Fs 180 to Sw Crooked. Thessaloniki in Greece.

Facts about Ellingsen:
Name: Oystein Janke Ellingsen
Born: 07.03.82 in Bodo (North of Norway)
Place of living: Oslo, Norway
Status: Occupied. In a relationship with Josefine
Stance: Regular
Other sponsors: Hubba, Adio, Venture and Boardshop
Set up: SHIT MARIUS SERIES 7,6, Venture Lo, Hubba 52mm

When Ellingsen is not travelling or bathing in borat suit he is skateboarding. Ellingsen with a purple-haze-Bs-Tailslide with em shades on. (Pic: Frode Goa)

Welcome on board Ellingsen!

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