SHIT® GSD® 2009 - PART I

06.07.09 - This year's SHIT GSD was even better than last year's. With the Rock Star Mentzoni as host, a big crew of skateboarders joined along and celebrated the annual International GO SKATEBOARDING DAY.

GSD09_gathered_crew -
The SHIT GSD 09 crew gathered at Geoparken. Mentzoni rock star in the middle.

Lot's of things went down. Mr. odd himself (Yes! Mentzoni) came up with his best ever contest, as well as his worst ever contests.
In this first part you'll see pics of the worst. But it was ONLY him suffering; He gathered all skateboarders with their boards in their hands, climbed on top of a sand bump, and announced that the one throwing the board closest to him win's... Damn that must hurt! Check em pics out.
The worst part is that he had to do a rebound. Meaning they all got a second try!!! Lots of boards hit Mentzoni as the pictures confirms.

The Rock Star Metnzoni signed a bunch of boards, clothes... and foreheads! (Again!!!)

GSD09_autograph_forehead -
Rock Star with fan!

Check out the SHIT GSD 09 - PART I pics here.

Stay tuned for the upcoming SHIT GSD 09 - PART II!

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