21.11.08 - Our jeans are designed in Hollywood LA and tested during street skating in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately unknowing that the spot chosen to skate was in the middle of the finest neighborhoods in Beverly Hills. And unknowing that skateboarding was totally prohibited in that area…

-BUSTED!!! Skateboarding is prohibited in Beverly Hills... Who would think that? (Pic: Eirik Knudsen)

Anyhow! The SHIT® LA Jeans turns out very well and are great to skate in.

The SHIT® LA Jeans are made with the mind of skateboarding, were style and flexibility is a must; the fabric has a 2% stretch, allowing the tweak-ability and wicked pose needed to get your style unaffected.
We introduce two models, hereby one SLIM FIT and one REGULAR FIT. Check em out...

Right back pocket are prided with our Talking Bubble Chaos logo. (Pic: Kim Laland/BITMAP)

SHIT® LA Jeans, Black, SLIM FIT. (Pic: Kim Laland/BITMAP)

SHIT® LA Jeans, Dark Indigo, REGULAR FIT. (Pic: Kim Laland/BITMAP)

The SHIT® LA Jeans will improve your life in many ways:
-make you skate better and with a smoother style
-get more girls
-be cool at school
-bust more tricks
-get rich and famous

These jeans will make you stoked for sure!

You can order the SHIT® LA Jeans here!

Oh! You can read the full story about the SHIT® LA Jeans testing in Beverly Hills, LA, on the upcoming SHIT® BLOG here very soon. 

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