Annual Event

The SHIT® HALLOWEEN COSTUME SK8 SESSION 2009 crew! Fredrikstad. Pic: Remi Pedersen

This has become yet another annual event for motivating skateboarders, having fun and PUSHING SKATEBOARDING FORWARD
The Halloween costume sk8 is a happy gathering in the spirit of Halloween. And we will have a lot of fun and a lot of laughts skating in scary and funny costumes. 
Skateboarding in a Halloween costume is hillarious and also a bit difficult. And the most fun part is that you sometimes can not tell who is behind the costume!

Our BRO Team skater Mentzoni is especially interrested in Halloween. And in 2008 we let him make a limited edition SHIT® HORROR BRO Deck Series that we launched upon Halloween in 2008.
It is Mentzoni himself that did the graphics by hand.

Mentzoni's own painted deck. (This picture is not linked)

We do a Halloween costume sk8 every year, and you can read about previous events here:
-Pics and story about the 2009 event
-Pics and story about the 2008 event
-Pics and story about the 2007 event

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