10.11.09 - During the two years with the RAMPY shop in Stavanger we have had a lot of celebs visiting. All from actresses to rockers to PRO skateboarders.

Ralph Myers and the Jack Harron band with Frode Goa outside the shop.

SHIT® FLAG STORE Stavanger was opened 9th November 2007, and we're celebrating all this week. (Week 46).
Since the formal grand opening we have had a bunch of good feedback on the unique shop interior consept that is developed by Johnny Johannesen (MNAL) and Founder and Boss Frode Goa. It is known and described in medias as the RAMPY (furious) shop. It truly is a ramp that makes the floor and walls of the shop. 

A bunch of celebs have been visiting the shop since our opening, and they have become fans, and love the shop and our stuff...

The rapper Onkl P.

Actress Pia Tjelta (Pic: Felix Skulestad)

The Discilplines. (Baard, Ken and Borre)

Dj Goldfinger. (Pic: Ameli Jakobsen)

US PRO skater Sierra Fellers in tha house!!! From left: Risi (Stavanger shop Manager and filmer), Sierra Fellers and Frode (Boss).

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