09.11.09 - Parts of the 09-10 line hardware is hereby presented. Tonnesen's BRO deck have expanded to a wide 2,25 floater and Mentzoni's BRO deck is SECRET (yet), and a new BRO is coming up...

Tonnesens new BRO model. The GT BRO Eye's. A 8,25 wide floater after Tonnesens personal specs.

Unfortunately we can only reveal Tonnesens BRO deck this time. Tonnesen have specked his own personal board and extended utterly, from 8,125 to 8,25. So a much wider board this time to suit this fella's needs. Wide nose and tail too.
It is UK artist Shaun Gordon who have done Tonnesen's deck graphics. Tonnesen fell in love with his art upon first time.
The graphics main essential graphic is a talking bubble shaped eye.

Mentzoni's board is a special collab project with a very unique and dark Norwegian black metal band.
This is going to be the DARKEST and most EVIL board graphic in the history for sure. Nobody have ever done something extreme yet clever design before.
We will reveal the special collab on this carefully chosen upcoming Friday; Namely Friday 13th.

A new BRO will also be launched in few weeks. Rumors are already out there, but we will not expose it yet. The launch will be very shortly and will be followed up with a nice flick and ad's.

A brand new concept will also be presented this winter; The PRICE POINT Team decks!
This is a direct dedication to all you core skaters out there eating decks for breakfast. This means you can hit the streets and schred hard until the boards snap without getting bankrupt!
The boards are totally the same prime quality as always. But one of the factors cutting the prices is increasing production and achieving lower production prices. 
The price is ONLY 449,-Nok/55€/75$ including grip.

Stay tuned!

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