25.11.09 - Our BRO Team skater had an accident while performing with his band Niku recently. He is now walking around with cruches, and will be doing that for a while...

Mentzoni chillin with a cup of coffe early morning these cold autumn days. (Pic: Frode Goa)

Mentzoni is a true rocker and roller. Seeing him struggling walking the streets on crutches and a foot with big white cast on one foot you think he had a skateboarding accident. But that is not the fact with Mr. Mentzoni... He snapped his foot during his last gig with his band NIKU exactly the same carefully chosen date we launched his 10th SHIT BRO model, on Mentzonis normally lucky day: Friday 13th!!! 

If you look close on the pic you'll notice that Mentzoni have cut his long beautiful black hair...

You wont see this fellow skate on a while but you can check him schred the streets below here. Enjoy! :)

Click here to check out Mentzoni's 10th SHIT BRO model deck. A special SHIT/1349 Collab that is very spooky!

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