05.01.10 - We decided to kick off 2010 with a Team trip to Barcelona. Chillin, capturing footy for our upcoming DVD "HOLY SHIT!" and get some street shots. Tune in to get a little taste of our "SHIT 2010 KICK OFF TOUR".

The crew celebrating New Year's Evening in Barcelona. (Pic: Tonnesen)

First things first: "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"
Our BRO Team skater Ellingsen insisted to get the Team down to Barcelona for a good time skateboarding, and we figured it was a smart idea.
Two weeks in Barcelona makes sure we get a lot captured on both tape and pics. And we’re already got a lot of bangers captured.
The pic above is from our New Year's Eve dinner, the traditional Spanish Tapas.

Tonnesen with a loooooong Fs Feeble. (Pic: Frode Goa)

Here you get a little taste of what went down in Barca the first days. Click the image below or click here to go to the gallery.

Stay tuned for updates from Barca, or check our Facebook group out!

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