22.02.10 - Our contribution to a real skateboarding kick off 2010, with a camp in Bergen was a blast. Over hundred wild kids loving skateboarding shred the skatepark in Bergen this weekend. First batch, 50 pics, are out...

What's cookin? Who are they looking at? Check out all the pics and find out. (Pic: Alex Holm)

The camp in Fysak Skatepark in Bergen was a blast. 
Over 100 skateboarders joined the camp and were totally worn out Sunday when they left the park and headed home.
Many tricks were busted, a kid got ill and had to leave home, and one broke his wrist and ended up in hospital. Skateboarding can be dangerous and skateboarders are hard core. 

Alex Holm were at the camp and shot hundreds of pics. The best ones are launched here and we're starting up with PART I containing 50 pictures.
Tune in to check out what went down.     
Maybe you'll see yourself or some of your friends...

Besides the dozen crazy attendees, the SHIT Team skaters also joined the camp:
Martin Mentzoni
Oystein Ellingsen
Gustav Tonnesen
Kim P. Karlsen
and Jan-Thore Nilsen (Shop Manager) from SHIT FLAG STORE, Oslo.

They will also join the Fredrikstad camp coming up!

Want to join our skateboarding camp?
It's not too late - The Fredrikstad Camp is coming up this weekend!
Click here to buy tickets!

Read more about the camps here!

Any questions? Contact our Camp Manager NOW!

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