Gustav Tonnesen with a perfect Sw Kickflip. (Pic: Frode Goa).

Highlights 2007:
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-Gustav Tonnesen abroad. January.
-Lolly Pop Demo Tour. February.
-Micro Pop Up Demo Tour. March.
-SHIT FLAG STORE in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. April.
-SHIT SK8 PARK. Grand Opening. April.
-50-50/SHIT Collaboration. April.
-Premium Member of IASC. May.
-Tonnesen BRO Model. June.
-Italian MOZZARELLA Tour. June.
-Human ecological clothes. July.
-Norwegian Championship. August:
1st place Street Jr. - Steffen Austerheim
2nd place Street Sr. - Gustav Tonnesen
1st place Game of S.K.A.T.E - Eirik Svensen
1st place (split) Longest Ollie contest, New Norwegian record, 510cm - Fredrik Naerland
-SBTC Tour, September. UK and Norway.

-Eirik Svensen in the eS Game of Skate Finals (Europe). September.
-HALLOWEEN sk8 Session. October.
-SHIT SK8 CAMP. November.
-SHIT FLAG STORE, Stavanger in Norway. November.

We appreciate you who have followed us through out 2007 and we promise a even more crazy new year!
Stick with us and stay tuned!