26.03.10 - Manager of the company, Frode Goa, recently turned 33 year's of age. Dedicated to skateboarding pulling of 33 tricks in a flick, shot in six sessions the past weeks in the local skatepark this winter.

Goa with a classic Bs Tailslide in the local skatepark. (Pic: Anders Osmundsen)

The SHIT® SKATEBOARD COMPANY Manager, Frode Goa, turned 33 year's just before Christmas, and he decided to make a flick containing exactly 33 tricks. This flick is easily shot in just a few sessions, and are made to inspire and motivate the Team, crew and most important YOU!

Here you'll see a socalled "office rat" working 24/7 dedicated to skateboarding in action in the local skatepark in Stavanger in Norway. It is winter time in Norway, it is cold and chill and icy in the streets. So the indoor skatepark is where it all goes down.

33 year's of age busting 33 tricks. 

(Filmed and edited by Jan K. Haaland)

A special thanks to Jan K. Haaland for his time and effort putting this flick together.

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