03.05.10 - This is our third season with jeans. For this 2010 Spring we have the Classic Black/Black soft 10.5 ounce cotton twill, and the NEW Charcoal 10.5 ounce denim version...

This seasons news is this black down washed denim with sandblast details. (Pic: BITMAP/Laland)

In 2008 we introduced our first jeans. We continue in the same line, with 2% elastic that feels comfortable and are super good to skate with.
The branding is mellow and the cut is clean.
Our flavors for this Spring 2010 is the a black and a charcoal version. The black metal lovers' is Black soft and comfortable 10.5 ounce twill fabric with tone in tone stiching. 

This springs news are the Charcoal denim jeans; A washed down black denim with sandblast details. 10.5 ounce denim with "tone in tone" Charcoal stiching.

The Classic Black/Black Cotton Twill jeans. Front and back. Super soft! (Pic: BITMAP/Laland)

The new Spring 2010 Charcoal Demin. Front and back. (Pic: BITMAP/Laland)

Our jeans are designed and tested in Los Angeles.  Read more here!

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