SHIT® GSD® 2010 - PART I

23.06.10 - The global GSD event with initiative by IASC is slowly and firmly growing globally. We pulled of two events in Norway this year, one in each FLAG STORE city; Oslo and Stavanger. Many skateboarders showed up, skating all day, shredding like hell. Our good photographer friends have captured it all on both pictures and footy. Tune in to get a little taste of this year’s GSD contribution by SHIT.

The SHIT GSD 2010 crew in front of the SHIT FLAG STORE in Stavanger. Expanding for each year. (Pic: Frederik Wik)

For the first time we saddled up and did the GSD in Oslo. It was shop manager and Team skater Jay in charge. He lead the crew from the FLAG STORE to many different spots and throw down small contests on every spot. A nice visit at fellow shop Jean TV was a must and the sesh in their miniramp in the shop was a blast. The pictures tell the truth.
The day passed quickly by and the planned BBQ was a bit delayed. But that was natural and necessary for the urging OSLO GSD crew.

A handful of skaters showed up a couple of hours before start up and shop opening hours in Stavanger. The kids were ready for rumble.
At twelve, the shop was packed with both kids and parents who just dared to send their kids out to shred the streets all day long with fellow crazy skateboarders with Mentzoni in charge.
It was a awesome crew and an awesome day.

The sun is always shining on SHIT GSD. Mentzoni leading the Syavanger crew. (Pic: Frederik Wik)

Multiple contests in both cities on the different spots. Stay tuned for winners announcement.

Thanks to everyone joining the event. Your contribution made it a blast!

A special thanks to Mentzoni, Jay, Alex and Frederik.

Stay tuned for part II.

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