13.08.10 - A new series of ICE CREAM wheels are available. Full ´´happy go lucky´´ colored urethane in different sizes and hardness. Blue, pink, green and yellow...

51mm Ice Cream Wheels in Fluorecent green. Very hard.

This summer´s SHIT® ICE CREAM Series decks and wheels have sales record. It is the creative brothers at BROSMIND STUDIOS in Barcelona that did the graphics. 
We have filled up stock a couple of times already, and this time we spice up a little extra with ´´happy go lucky´´ colors.
The wheels are very hard and are perfect for street skateboarding.

Sprite up your setup, and put color on those new tricks you´re gonna bust!

49mm, Superhard Flourecent Pink wheels.

50mm soft Blue. Hard.

52mm Sunny Yellow. Hard.  

Available in shops and online.

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