28.09.10 - BRO Team Skater Ellingsen and Tonnesen brought two new Flow Team Skaters for a skate trip to Berlin in Germany. They also brought a cinematographer to get some action and atmosphere on tape...

Osloer Strasse in Berlin. From left; Tom Bratrud, ELlingsen, Tonnesen and our little shredder Marcus Vik. (Pic: Espen Grundstad)

It´s finally Official. Marcus Vik with a kickflip in Berlin. (Pic: Espen Grundstad)

Our two BRO Team Skaters was recently in Germany with tho of our new Flow Team skaters; Tom Bratrud and Marcus Vik. They were skateboarding the streets of Berlin and had a good time. Our cinematographer friend Espen Grundstad captured it on both pictures and tape. Here you get a little taste by pictures, and next week you will get a nice little flick.

We are happy to officially welcome Marcus Vik and Tom Bratrud to our Flow Team. You will se a lot more of them in future for sure.
Marcus was joining the complete SHIT SUMMER TOUR and skated over 30 skate shows this summer.

Ellingsen pretty disapiointed and surprized about this 23 hour service!?! (Pic: Espen Grundstad)

Tom Bratrud with a kickflip to fakie downtown Berlin. (Pic: Espen Grundstad)

The kickflip by Tom Bratrud, new Flow Team Skater, is the last you see from Berlin for now. Stay tuned for a mellow flick where you see skateboarding in action caught on tape.  

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