01.10.10 - Here`s the flick from our latest trip, Berlin. It is shot and edited by Espen Grundstad - that will be making more flicks for us in future for sure. Tune in to get some good vibes and a taste of SHIT IN BERLIN!

Our new little shredder, Marcus Vik, with a nice Fs Smith in the streets of Berlin. (Pic: Espen Grundstad) 

Our Team Skaters was recently in Berlin with the cinematographer Espen Grundstad. Among the traveling crew was the two new blokes on the Flow Team; Tom Bratrud and Marcus Vik. 
In this flick you´ll notice Marcus skating pretty well, and also our BRO Team Skater Tonnesen. 
Ellingsen and Tom both got injured and Tom´s bail is captured and shown in this flick. So not to many tricks of them. The still in the bottom shows that this is serious business. 

Enjoy this FRIDAY FLICK made by Espen Grundstad.

Here´s a still of Tom´s Fs Tailslide bail... This is serious stuff! No wonder he had to use crutches for a week. (Pic: Espen Grundstad)

Tom visited the Oslo shop the week after the trip and he arrived humpin with crutches. Get well soon bro! 

Have a great weekend - go out and skate!

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