12.12.10 - Just a litle inspiring flick by a lad who get SHIT stuff through one of the shop´s carrying SHIT.


The skateboarder Erik Sandstaa, wich is sponsored with SHIT decks and clothes through Beatboard skateshop, had a little skate sesh at the local buss station in Odda in Norway recently. (Countryside). These days you can´t skate outdoor as it is ice cold and snowing.
He is pulling of a quite nice series of tech tricks that we hope inspire you these dark and cold winter days.

Here is the trick list;
Fs flip
Nollie inwardheel
Nollie bs heel
Nollie 360 flip - 360 flip
360 flip revert
360 doubleflip - Bs 360 kickflip
Fs shuvit late kickflip
Fakie cab flip
Nollie Cab flip
What´s the name on this one? Mail it to post@shittm.com
Nollie fs 360 heel

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