20.12.10 - This year´s Christmas Flick had the worst potential to be a nice flick (or to even be a full flick). We only had indoor car parking facileties to skate in, and they all prohibits skateboarding, wich gave us quite a challenge. Tune in to see the outcome of the Christmas Flick that we give YOU for Christmas!


The capitol of Norway, Oslo, are these days a hectic city. These winterdays are ice cold, (down to -20 degrees Celsius), dark and snowy. 
Wintertime is a time for afterthought, friends care and staying together.

In terms the team and crew are spread all over the Kingdom, it was hard to include everybody in this year´s Christmas Flick. But the Christmas and new year´s greetings are from the whole crew.
In the busy capitol, where the closest skatepark is an hour travel from downtown, it was very hard to get footy in the indoor car parking facileties because they are guarded. They are also pretty wet.
We got busted the first sesh. And we got double busted the second sesh.

Here is what we got! Hope you like it!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from THE SHIT CREW!  

(Filmed and Edited by Espen Grundstad).

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