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Our monthly contest were YOU can win some FREE goodies from us!

The SHIT® MONTHLY CONTEST concept is very, very simple and easy to attend. Simply answer the three questions related to SHIT SKATEBOARD COMPANY´s Official site SHITTM.COM below!*
*All answers will be found right here on

Winner get a new FREE OF CHOICE T-shirt:

Remember to tell us what T-shirt you´d like.

1). In what country have SHIT got new distributor?
2). What are the names of our two American team skaters?
3). What multimillion company did SHIT make a deal with recently?
Send your answers to!
Remember to write your size and address so we can ship the prize to you quickly.
Winner will be drawn and published beginning of next month online here.

By entering this contest you get automatic subscribtion to our newsletter!

List of winners 2011:
February: N/A
January: N/A

List of winners 2010:
November: Anonymus
October: Anonymus  
September: Mads G Christensen
July+August: Mads Ystmark
June: Thomas Grotting
May: Simen Rogn Aune
April: Martin Sievert
March: Eirik Falck Saether
February: Oivind Grostad
January: Kim Aron Eriksen


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