Mentzoni signing posters for Farsund locals last summer.

This summer we will cruise all over The Kingdom Of Norway, from North to South, East to West. We will spread fun and joy, inspire-, motivate- and recruit skateboarders. Here you´ll see when we are close to your city. This page will be updated swiftly.

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Meet the SHIT Team Skaters. Get free posters, free stickers, nice price on stash, join fun contests randomly, join the fun and joy this summer!

Schedule (Under constant update);
Note! Red means completed.

26.-29.May - HONNINGSVAAG (Contests, Poster Signing). Pics are out on SHIT on Facebook.
04.June - K-Town (Kristiansand). BEATBOARD and SHIT SKATE PARTY. (Contest. Poster signing with Mentzoni, Odda and Henrik from SHIT plus the Beatboard Team). 
10.-12.June - Drammen X-Weekend (Booth with stash to purchase)
17.-19.June - Flekkefjord Skatepark Grand Opening (Booth with stash to purchase, fun contests with Mentzoni and more)

02.July to 10.July - BRO Team Skaters (Ellingsen, Tonnesen and Mentzoni) cruising Norway with the SHIT DEATHSTAR together with Tom Bratrud (Driver, Filmer and Flow Team Skater).  They travel with the DEATHSTAR propped with the brand new SHIT BRO decks, posters, stickers and more products.
Cities to be visited:
04.July: Trondheim – Street skating with´s Fredrik Carlsen
05.Juli: Levanger 12:00. BBQ lunsh. ( HQ)
06.Juli: Mo i Rana 16:00. (Sport 1)
07.Juli: Bodo 7.juli

02.-04.September - Lyngdal Dyrskue (Booth with stash to purchase, fun skateboarding demos, fun contests and more) be continued!

Here you´ll get a little taste of the atmosphere when we attend the LYNGDAL DYRSKUE.



The SHIT Crew with Arendal friends posing with the SHIT DEATHSTAR SUMMER 2010.

We´re looking forward to meet you somewhere in The Kingdom Of Norway this summer! :D