26.08.11 - The new stuff is already available in our shops. Tune in and see what´s new.

Our Flow Team Skater Marcus Vik was very stoked about the Mentzoni 3/4 Jersey.

The new stuff is in our stores. The feedback is already very good.
There are a lot of special items this time, like the EBOY T-shirts, the Surf T-shirt, the skateboarding Norway anno 70´s and more.

We will get the new stuff online ASAP, so stay tuned.

We have reduced prices utterly so that it is more affordable for you guys out there to get yourself some quality SHIT.
Normal price on a basic tee was 349,- and it is now 299,-, a custom tee was 399,- and are now 349,-. So a reduction of 50Nok that is about 10USD. That´s not too bad.

We hope to maintain that price level for future, and hope that the USD keeps being low and that cotton prices do not increase.

Our slogan this month:
SHIT – affordable and cool quality clothes!

The wall in the SHIT FLAG STORE OSLO.

Welcome to our shops with good service! :D

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