03.10.11 - Get freshened up with a warm surf session flick from waves just outside Oslo in Norway with the Founder Frode Goa.

The founder is not only skating the streets of Norway, but he´s also surfing the Norwegian coastline. 

We have included quite a lot from the surf culture in the Tradmark the past years. A surf Team was established in 2009, and ealier this summer a surf T-shirt design was launched dedicated to the Norwegian surf pioneers. 
Surfing in Norway is a ice cold experience as the season is during the cold Norwegian winter. But every now and then waves are pumping in even in summertime when the sea is "warm", and no booties, gloves or hoodie is needed. It can be a magic experience. This flick captures a nice surf session in Larvik just outside Oslo.

Filmed and edited by Frode Goa.

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