17.11.11 - Our Flow Team Skater Tom Bratrud is working as a teacher and skateboarding in India.

Tom Bratrud chillin on a doorstep with the SHIT Ellingsen BRO Model skateboard. Picture by Aashild S.F. Thorsen.

Letter from Tom:
"Hi everyone who is reading this,

and greetings from India!
Here I am, in the city of Pondicherry on the South-Eastern coast of India. I have lived here since mid August working as a "seminar leader", which basically means a teacher, for Scandinavian college students coming here to study social anthropology on a study abroad programme. I just graduated as a student from the Univeristy of Oslo in June and am excited to all of a sudden be on the other side of the teacher's desk!

Tom cruising the streets of Pondicherry in India. Picture by Aashild S.F. Thorsen.

Tom with a Sw Noseslide in India. Picture by Aashild S.F. Thorsen.

There are some really nice skate spots around in Pondicherry, but the South Indian heat, busy traffic and big crowds of people have unfortunately constrained me from taking out my skateboard as often as I'd like to. In weekends when have time off work, however, nothing has felt better than hitting the streets to cruise! It's incredible how good it feels to just ride a skateboard down the street when you don't have the chance to do it that often.

The study term and my work here in Pondicherry is coming to an end, but before returning home to Oslo, Norway, I will spend about a month travelling around (mostly) in the mountains of Himalaya in North India. It will be nice to trek around in the mountains, soak into delicious ginger/lemon/honey tea with refugees from Tibet, and spend some quality time with great people, such as my brother, coming over from Norway.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!







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